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Summer Allen 

Hand with Paint

Hi, I’m Summer. Illustrator, Painter, Jewelry Maker, Mother and wanderlust conspirator. Creating art weaves the fibers that compose my being and feed my soul. My real-world honesty stems from my ability to create and fully entrench myself in the mediums that move me. Art is my truth, my authenticity.

Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, as a child, I catapulted through wildflower fields with reckless abandon. I flung myself through the branches of willows and collected nature’s treasures with the whimsy of a woodland sprite. The curiosity that drove me headlong into streams chasing frogs and sprinting after rainbows, is a force that I still draw on today for much of my inspiration.

Mix Media Artist 

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June 1st-October 31st

Term IV

The New Local

741 Pearl St. Boulder, Colorado

New Local

Boulder, Colorado


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